The Pig in the Pond Reader Response Activity 2

This reader response activity ties in nicely with Science and Geography- keeping cool.

I explained to my class that the duck and geese have forbidden the pig from every jumping into their pond again! As it is summer, the pig is likely to get hot again. The ducks are looking for useful suggestions to offer the pig when he needs to cool off.

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My class came up with some fantastic ideas during our brainstorming session: ice-cream, a cold shower, a sun hat, water guns and even his own paddling pool! I just love to see children becoming so absorbed and so engaged with text and creatively responding to it.

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


The Pig in the Pond Reader Response Activity

The Pig in the Pond is a fantastic book to explore in a literacy or SESE class. It is very simple to identify the following:

  1. Main Problem
  2. Solution
  3. Setting
  4. Main Characters

If you scratch the surface of ” The Pig in the Pond”  you will soon discover that it is an absolute gem of more than this. It is also a fantastic story to develop skills of inference and to encourage children to make connections with text. Good readers use their context and their own experience and inference skills to deduce unfamiliar vocabulary. It is vitally important that emergent readers are equipped with these skills.

I created a Detective Pack to work on just this. You could either work through them as a whole class or divide children into pairs. I think that the graphics make it visually appealling 😉

Remember that these skills can be encouraged during home reading too! Print them out and ask your child a few every time you read the story together. It will encourage lots of thinking and oral language development too.

Below is a snapshot of just some of the 15  “Pig in the Pond”  reader detective cards that I created. I am working on the basis of a class of 30 pupils working in pairs ;). Some questions are more higher order than others and will require more probing to get an answer. You could always assign these ones in a larger group situation to allow children bounce their ideas off each other.

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Have fun developing your detective skills with “The Pig in the Pond”,

Miss Mernagh 🙂