Venetian Masks for Sight Word Practice Fun

I was in Tesco a few weeks ago picking up some treats for the 1st birthday of While in the party section  I saw these cute masks and just couldn’t resist!

Tesco is just a fantastic place to pick of teaching and art resources. I would encourage you to wander around it some day when you have time. It is just a treasure trove!

I picked up my lollipop sticks in Freemans in Oylegate. Another shop with a great carousel of art supplies. You can also pick them up in Tesco. I just happened to have some already. When purchasing the lollipop sticks  make sure that you pick up the wider, tongue depressor kind.


I simply snipped the elastic from the back of each mask and sellotaped on a lollipop stick. That’s it! These Venetian masks are a fun, cheap, and novelty way to practice sight words.

My class enjoyed using them today when we were practicing our sight words on our Interactive Whiteboard. The Venetian masks would also be just perfect for “read the room” activities.

If you have a particularly ” girly girl” or a child who enjoys dress up then they would be lovely for homework also.

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂