Jolly Phonics Tricky Word Games 1-20

I have been busy planning another game to help reinforce Jolly Phonics Tricky words 1-20. Variety is the spice of life after all!

I have yet to try out the games with my class but am dying to do so. I am saving them up for my Gingerbread Man unit. I though they were too cute to keep and decided to share them with you guys!

There are a number of different ways to use these cards:

  1. A word treasure hunt
  2. Concentration game
  3. Snap or Old Maid
  4. Flashcards or a Word Wall
  5. Word Headbanz

All of these games are explained in my pack. I have created two for you to choose from: black & white or full colour. You choose!

Please click here to download Black & White Tricky Words

Please click here to download Colour Tricky Words

I hope that you have lots of fun learning and revising these Jolly Phonics Tricky words. Let me know that you think. I just love to get comments!

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂

ps Clip art by DJ Inkers

Creative Writing Ideas for The 3 Little Pigs

I am focusing on writing postcards with my class at the moment. I created these to compliment the story of the 3 Little Pigs. There is a postcard for each Little Pig and one from Mammy Pig. I wonder what they have to say to each other?

For a refreshing modern take on the story check out Meet Silly Pig, Lazy Pig and my personal favourite Glam Pig ( who resides in an architect designed house!). The story is available to play on your interactive whiteboard

I have also make postcard templates for these modern piggies in case you would prefer to use them 😉

Click here to download all of my postcard templates

Don’t forget to print a stamp too! Click here to download my stamps!

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂

Letter Writing with Dr Seuss

My writing objectives this month are all around writing letters.  We will learn the convention of writing letters, how they are laid out and the special words that we use (dear, from…)

World Book Day is March 3rd and my class are celebrating Dr Seuss. We have been reading as many of his books are we can in preparation. On the day we shall wear crazy hats to school and all of our lessons will be on the Dr Seuss theme.  We will finish the day with  The Cat in the Hat Movie and a game of Pin the Green Egg on the Ham. I can hardly wait!!!

In keeping with this theme I have created some very simple Dr Seuss  Themed Letter Writing Templates.  The templates are a combination of fill-in-the-blanks and blank lines for children to write their own thoughts on.

I have created 5 templates, one per day, and they get progressively harder.  The first three are quite short and designed to ease children into letter writing.  The last two templates have lots of blank lines to allow children to use their imagination and creativity as they write to the characters.

Please click on the title of each image to download

(don’t forget to open your Gmail or Google Docs account first!)

The Cat in the Hat Letter  Writing Template

The Cat in the Hat Letter  Writing TemplateHorton Hears a Who Letter Writing Template

Green Eggs and Ham Letter Writing Template

Green Eggs and Ham Letter Writing Template

Have you any other creative ideas for World Book Week or for Dr Seuss? I love to hear your comments and suggestions!

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂