Teaching your child to read/spell Series: Initial sounds

Here is another fun concentration game to practice initial sounds. This game is a greaterchallenge than Monkey Match as your child will not hear an audio of the letter sound. Letter sounds either need to be known in order to play or you could sit with your child and support/scaffold your child to figure out the beginning sounds.

It would be just perfect for children in Senior Infants as it could be played with complete independence.

It’s a little less cute so it may have greater appeal for boys, though I know plenty of girls who like it!

Click a card in the top row to see a letter, then click a card in the bottom row to show a picture.

If the letter matches the initial sound of the object in the picture then you have found a match.

Click here to play

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


Teaching your child to read/spell Series: Initial sounds

I hope that you found yesterday’s post useful on why we teach initial sounds first and enjoyed the game  reinforcement game.

How about playing  Monkey Match,  a concentration game, today? Your child will be challenged to match the object to its initial sound.

Familiarity with initial sounds will benefit both reading and spelling. Concentration is great for, you guessed it, building up your child’s concentration and memory!

Our cool Hawaiian monkey friend gives clear explanations on how to play. The initial sounds are pronounced very clearly. The pictures are of everyday objects and animals, nothing too tricky.

Once you have successfully cleared your coconuts you are invited to play another round. The next round will contain different letters and sounds.

The lack of a timer makes the game user friendly for little ones just learning. They can take as long as necessary to play and win!

Click here to play!

If you are playing this with an older child for revision you could set a timer on your phone. Children love to try and beat a timer!!!

I would love to hear your comments on this and yesterday’s game. Did your child enjoy them? Any concerns or queries about sounds and phonics homework? I would be only thrilled to help!

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂