Hello, My name is Cathriona Mernagh. I have been teaching the under 6’s for over 10 years. I am passionate about teaching and am constantly learning.

I have a huge interest in Literacy and Literacy Difficulties. I recently graduated with a Masters in Education (Special Needs) and conducted a lot of research into promoting positive attitudes to reading and how to teach reading. As part of my research I tutored many children and have discovered some games and activities that can really make a positive impact on learning.

I am passionate about early literacy and mental maths. I love to spend my spare time designing and creating games and resources for use in my classroom. Through my blog I hope to make these available to my followers.

I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Studies, a Graduate Diploma in Montessori Education and am a qualified Primary School Teacher.

I hope that my passion and knowledge will allow you to help your child succeed at learning.


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31 thoughts on “About

  1. Margaret Hendrick says:

    Hi Cathriona,

    Well done on the website, love the design. The ideas are fab and so cheap and easy to do. Thanks for all the great ideas 🙂

    I look forward to reading the rest of your suggestions over the coming months.

  2. Isabelle Bates says:

    Miss Mernagh
    I think your website is really great. I showed this to my mam and dad and they think it is fabulous too. We have signed up for your emails and look forward to receiving lots of new ideas and information. For the record, I love learning too, so we have something in common. Kind Regards & Thanks, Isabelle Bates.

    • missmernagh says:

      Hi Isabelle, I am really glad that you like my website!!! I think that sharing is very important and I use my website to share my games and tips with all my friends. Is there anything that you would like me to put on my website? What do you like best? Games you can print, games to play on websites, things to make…? I’d love some ideas.
      Thank you so much fir taking the time to leave a comment.
      Miss Mernagh

  3. Liz Morgan says:

    Hi Miss Mernagh! I love your idea for the website and I am a parent of an almost 7 and almost 5 year old at the moment! I’m heavily involved in my primary school and learning for my kids and I think you are doing a great job sharing your ideas and passion here – looking forward to seeing how it all develops and maybe sharing (stealing!) a few ideas for my school website which is in development! Well done and congratulations! Liz M.

    • missmernagh says:

      Hi Liz,
      I am just delighted to hear that you like my work! I am so passionate about teaching and learning and spent a lot of time preparing games and worksheets. I have lots more that are awaiting ” approval” by my class!!! They are a super team of testers and are honest too 😉
      It would be great to be featured on your website when you get it up and running. Please let me know that the url is and I will check it out.
      I would love to hear your suggestions on what I could include or do to improve my website.
      Kind regards,
      Miss Mernagh 🙂

  4. Lisa says:

    Hello Miss Mernagh! I am so happy that I have stumbled upon your website! It has so many educational activities for children that’s inexpensive and fun. I will definitely have to share this with other mom’s.

  5. Joanne says:

    The website is brilliant Caitriona…Im sure my little man will have fun with the games they are super and its just the sort of thing he loves….well done and keep up the good work!

    Joanne Macnaughton x

  6. Lynn Harling says:

    Hi Cathriona
    Auntie Joyce and i have just been looking at Miss Mernagh and are extremely impressed! Keep up the good work, it’s fantastic.
    A. Joyce & Lynn

  7. Terrie says:

    I love your website as well-! I am having trouble getting to your information on using five and ten frames–I know they were older posts –they are in your tag cloud but when I pull the entry up to try and view/print–it won’t go any farther than your introduction. HELP

    • missmernagh says:

      Hi Terrie,
      So sorry to hear that you are having problems accessing my Maths Games. Click on “maths games” on my home page, under the categories section. When the Maths Page opens “Follow me on my 5 Frames Adventures in Mental Maths” is the first post that will appear. Click on the actual title of the post and it should open for you. I have just double checked that it is not a broken link.
      If you are still having difficulties please email me at info@missmernagh.com and I would be delighted to email you a copy of the post along with all of the printables.

      Miss Mernagh 🙂

  8. Celeste says:

    Just found your site and love it, thanks!

    Hi Celeste,
    You are so sweet to leave a comment. I love teaching and blogging. I am so glad that you are enjoying my posts. There will be another on today. Hope you like that one too. Don’t forget to subscribe 🙂

  9. Deirdre White says:

    Huge congratulations on winning the blog award…you must be very proud but your work and dedication deserves it.

    Deirdre White

  10. Emma says:

    Hi missmernagh,
    As an Irish trained primary teacher who has always taught Senior Classes at home, I find myself teaching Year 1 children for the first time in a LONG time! I work in a bilingual system in Austria on a tiny budget, I find your ideas and printables are wonderful, and it’s so lovely to read an Irish blog for a change. Keep up the great work,I will pass on the details of your website to any other native speaker teachers I meet who also could benefit from your insights! Keep up the great work!

  11. Catherine says:

    hi Cathriona
    I have a child in j.inf who still doesn’t recognize his numbers or value or even some of his letters. Have used concrete objects but still no joy. Would appreciate if you have any ideas

  12. lisa marie says:

    Hello Miss Mernagh! I am so happy that I have stumbled upon your website! It has so many educational activities for children that’s inexpensive and fun. I will definitely have to share this with other mom’s and lu think it very cool

  13. laura Lynch says:

    Dear Ms Mernagh

    You did do a great ammount of Good!!!

    I was delighted to vote for you today 🙂
    The blog is fantastic and I was delighted to have you walk with me on my first year of teaching Infants! Thank you very much

    Looking forward to the year ahead 🙂
    Kind Regards

  14. Siobhan Harte says:

    Hi Catríona, I remeber finding a post you did around the book ‘Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see’..I can’t find it now but remember thinking it was very useful. Is it still available..?

  15. Ciara Mcleod says:

    Miss Mernagh, you were an amazing teacher too have throughout my first year of barntown, you have been a great inspiration too me. It’s really nice here in New Zealand, and sometimes I do wish I could come back…but I DO NOT want to go on three flights AGAIN!… But It still wish :3 I might be coming back…when I’m older….:/ Anyways! Hope you and the rest in barntown are doing good…I dunno what else to type to be honest…apart from.. Thank you for being an amazing teacher for the four years I’ve spent in barntown! 😀 And, yes-I did type this and I really hope you read this all because I’ve spent..like…a half hour? Writing this? I think so! Hope you’re having a good time in barntown-Ciara Mcleod

    • missmernagh says:

      Hi Ciara, Your sweet, sweet message seems to have inadvertently made it into my spam. I am delighted that I stumbled upon it. New Zealand… My, my, that’s a long way from where I thought you were. It was a pleasure to have such a sweet, tender spirit in my class. I hope that Mom, Dad and your big brother are doing well too. Say hi to everyone for me. Please, do keep in touch. Apologies again for the tardy reply. Please know that your message has been one of the highlights of this year!!!
      Your Miss Mernagh 🙂

  16. Caitlin Nic Dhonnacha says:

    Dia dhuit Cathriona,

    Hope all is well. A colleague of mine in Cúla4 in TG4 mentioned your blog at a recent meeting and just before Christmas we launched an App and a book based on the children’s tv series Saol Faoi Shráid airing on Cúla 4 on TG4 at present. I am marketing manager with Meangadh Fíbín in Galway and we were hoping you might be interested in covering a piece/review for us. The App is available to download on Android and Apple phones for free and In this exciting new app you can try you hand at joining the dots & colouring, karaoke, matching puzzles and a fun game all through Gaeilge! The story of the new book, An Giotár Nua published with support from COGG is a playful and cheerful one about friendship based on the characters from the tv series. The book has been published in a small and larger version. The larger version is suitable for teachers, nurseries and playgroups. Both the app and the book were launched by Leo Moran of the Saw Doctors as part of the Baboró International Arts Festival for Children last October in Galway and kids had the opportunity to meet with the characters on the day!Our sister drama company Fíbín produces the live puppetry show tour of the series also. We also have an interactive Website http://www.saolfaoishraid.ie to complement the tv series.

    I look forward to hearing back from you and best wishes with your blog in the year ahead.
    Slán go fóill,

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