Currently September

I am excited to be linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 4th Grade for Currently September! It has been an age since I did one of these link ups. So here it goes…
Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 21.28.03


Now that I am back into the regular commuting regime I find myself listening to the radio a lot more. I love the Parenting Slot on Moncrieff every Wednesday and Paulo Tullio on a Thursday. That pretty much covers the main passions in mine life: teaching/kids and food.


I love the start of school. It is so amazing to get to know your pupils and come to understand and appreciate their personalities. I love discovering what makes them tick. I also love figuring out ways to bring out the best in them: what motivates them, where to their passions/interest lie? It’s also a time when I have to prove myself to the quieter ones, gain their trust and establish a relationship where they will trust and bloom. Interesting times…

I love The Kissing Hand and my Chester cuddly toy. He has been a big hit with the kids. He is joining in our lessons too. Bless him, he struggled with classifying by colour but the kids have been a great support. He’s really starting to get it now 😉

I LOVE decorating. I am always playing around with displays. I moved some furniture around after school today. I have held back slightly as we are moving to a new school building in the coming months. I am saving my Euro until I see my new space. I have pretty much decided that the colour theme will be red and green.


My brother is getting married next week so there is a lot going on and my mind is working overtime. We have family travelling over from Australia that I last me as a child. I am super excited to see them!!! I am thinking how relieved I am to finally have my outfit. I was cutting it fine to put it mildly. I am thinking about how I will “gain” a “sister”. I always wanted one of those!!!


A colour printer. I would go complete nuts if I had one!!! I have an amazing b&w one that is really economical and fast. I really can’t complain. Besides, colouring is soooo therapeutic!


I try to be  a “bloom where you are planted” kind of girl who married a natural born optimist and positive thinker. I am grateful for all that I have.

3 Trips:

The  IIA Net Visionary Awards are only around the corner. I was humbled to be nominated in the “You Did Good”-Best Use of the Internet for Social Good” category. Winning and IIA Award has been on my Bucket List for a number of years now! I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your good wishes and votes.

I love “road trips” with the girls. I like them even more when they involve birthday cake!

No third trip planned. I must rectify this forthwith 😉

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh


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