Please, please, please vote for in the IIA Net Visionary Awards!

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Hi Everyone,

I am beyond thrilled to be nominated for an IIA Dot Visionary Award ‘Best Use of Internet for Social Good’!!!!
I established this blog all,  those years ago, to support parents of children with literacy difficulties. It was at a time with the Dept. of Education was cutting back on Learning Support and Resource Teaching. Parents were finding themselves with little or even no help in schools and with no one to turn to. Lots of blog and website provide worksheets by no one seemed be showing people the “how”. I have always believed that teaching a child to read isn’t rocket science, but it is a science. I am completely passionate about supporting and empowering parents and carers to help their child fulfil his/her full potential.
The blog and Facebook page have grown and evolved over time. I now provided lessons, worksheets and resources to support my fellow teaching colleagues in their own classrooms all across the world.
I know when teaching practice starts, all over the world, because I get lots and lots of messages asking for help, support and guidance. I do my very, very best to answer each one of them and to hold their hands as they begin their teaching careers.
I have lots of home-schooling Mom’s in the USA who are thrilled to have a teacher at the end of a computer to help and encourage them as they take the brave and dedicated step of  educating their own children.
I get messages for Moms and Dad’s, full of concerns,  just before school start. They want to know what to pack in school bags, how much food to put in their kids lunchbox, what type of pencil to buy and lots more besides. They want and need someone with inside knowledge to hold their hands and tell them that it will be alright. That gal is me in a lot of instances and I am only thrilled to be able to do it!
I have resisted the urge to set up an account on Teacher Pay Teachers and lots of other offers that involved monitizing my blog. Lots of people think that I am crazy for this. I spend lots of my own time and money on blogging. I continue to do what I do for free because I want all of you to have what you need regardless of your incomes. I don’t want any parent, career or teacher to feel that they are on their own, with no one to turn to. I do it because I really, really want to HELP you all.
Today, I am asking for your help. Please help me by casting your vote and asking your friends and family to do the same. Please like and share my post on Facebook or Twitter.
Voting is open from today until Wednesday.
I am attaching a link and crossing my fingers that you can help!
Simply scroll down to number 14, click on ‘Cast your Vote’ put a tick in the box and click submit. Easy!
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This nomination for an IIA Dot Visionary Award ‘Best Use of Internet for Social Good’ proves that I am not crazy to do what I do. I shows me that my tincy little blog can and does effect change and that warms my heart!!
Miss Mernagh 🙂

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