More about my Focus Wall

I made some slight changes to my Focus Wall this morning before class.  Apologies for the grainy and shiny photo. I took it with my iPhone.

I added some cute owls and changed the lettering to completely red. I think that completely red works well with the border accents I am using behind the pocket chart.  I added our handwriting pattern and some maths. We are exploring the concept of “less” at the moment.


Am I using my Focus Wall? Yes, yes, yes! I love the ease of being able to take things out, use them and return them. No blu-tac stains or ripped bulletin board paper.  The focus board is at the very top of the room and I find myself quickly referring to it during transitions to quickly check words, sounds, maths concepts etc.

If you haven’t tried a Focus Board yet then I would encourage you to give it a go.  Remember that my free Focus Board printables are available here

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


3 thoughts on “More about my Focus Wall

    • missmernagh says:

      Hi Miss Caffrey,
      Thank you for your comment.The pocket chart is working like a dream!I agree that the owls are heartbreakingly cute!Love, love, love them. I purchased them at They are a Carson Dellosa Owl Notepad. They cost 3.55 euro which isn’t too bad. I hope that this helps 🙂

      Miss Mernagh 🙂

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