Weight: can you measure up?!

This week are are exploring the “Measures” strand of the maths curriculum. More specifically we are exploring weight. The curricular objectives are as follows:

  • develop an understanding of the concept of weight through exploration, handling of objects and use of appropriate vocabulary
  • compare and order objects according to weight
  • estimate and weigh in non-standard units
  • select and use appropriate non-standard units to weigh objects

We are using a balance to predict what objects are the same weight (eg. what weighs the same as my eraser) and then comparing the weight of objects using non-standard units of measure (we are mostly using unifix cubes as they are in plentiful supply).

I cannot stress the importance of “hands on” & “discovery learning” for maths. There is no substitute for having concrete materials in your hand. That said, some of my class could handle an “abstract” challenge at this stage of the programme. I spent some time online this evening in between completing overdue paperwork (Groan: I hate falling behind but I had a wedding to plan 😉 ) Anyway, here it is…

It is as yet untested by my class but looks like a winner to me. You need to add/remove the weights in order to make it balance. The graphics are very clear so children can easily see if the rock  is heavier or lighter than the counters. Then they can remove/add counters one at a time in order to achieve a balance between the two. Then click on the “tick” to see if you are correct. “Sid the Scientist” gives clear explanations and chats a little about weight and perception. Overall it is a great game. I can’t wait to play it with my class tomorrow!

balance 2

Click here to play

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh


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