Fruit Shoot Addition Practice!

There’s just something about brightly coloured fruit that puts me in a Summer mood.This addition game would almost fool you into thinking that it was Summer! No such look here in Ireland. Another overcast day…  

I love, love games that allow me to choose from many and varied levels. This Fruit Shoot game is suitable for children from Senior Infants up. The easiest level has sums up to 10 which is an exact match for our Senior Infant objectives. Yippee!!

fruit maths 1

Once you have selected your level then you can select either the relaxed or timed mode depending on ability levels. It also allows you to start on the Relaxed mode and over a period of time, say a week, become more skilled and then take on the challenge of the timed mode.

I  like having the option to avoid the timed mode if desired. Completing a challenge against the clock can be a source of stress and upset for some children. It’s great to have a choice, though, as some kids thrive on the challenge. I have some real speed demons this year that would relish the timed mode 😉

fruit maths 2

Now for the fun bit… Line up your target, the correct answer, and fire to make the fruit splat!!!

fruit maths 3

         Click here to play

I can’t wait to play this with my kiddos once we complete our unit on Weight.

Have fun,


Miss Mernagh 🙂


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