th workpack

As I have mentioned I am using the Literacy Lift Off Model of teaching literacy this term. I am in charge of phonics. It is pretty hectic trying to teach and consolidate a lesson in 10 minutes! I have been busy creating worksheets and games that help us along!

I spent quite a while coming up with a “th workpack”. I have included both sounds “th” as in them and “th” as in thick. Below are some of the sheets that I created for Power Hour last week.

th 1

I inserted the sheet below into a poly-pocket so that my pupils could write/erase using a whiteboard marker. We used it to explore where the “th” sound was in the word (beginning, middle, end) and then sounded out and wrote the word.
th 2

I used these sentence strips for consolidation at the end of the week. It was also a useful way to review capital letters and punctuation 3

Please click here to download my entire th workpack

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


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