Learning to tell the time

My class have been learning to tell the time this week. Our objectives were to:

  • develop an understanding of the concept of time through the use of appropriate vocabulary
  • read time in one-hour intervals

I wanted to share some of the great interactive “telling the time” resources that we used this week. 

By far the best interactive teaching tool I used was the Primary Clock from Cambridge University Press. It was an absolutely invaluable teaching resource! You’ve got to admit that is is pretty cute too ;). 


It was such a relief to find this resource. I just love games that are customizable to specific curriculum objectives. The Cambridge Primary Clock ticked all the boxes in that regard. I can be used to explore telling the time at many different levels:


I could hardly believe my luck when I saw this! There are precious few games online that deal with telling time in one hour intervals. Many of those that I found were for children to match the time  to how it would read on a digital clock. Great games, but they don’t meet Irish curricular objectives. 

To use you simply click on the orange hand and the time changes. It is so clear that only the small hand moves. Love it! 

ImageYou can change the settings and have children 

ImageThis level of the Cambridge Clock challenges children to “read” the words associated with telling them time. A great link up with literacy and the language of maths/time.

This level of the Cambridge Clock requires pupils to match the correct numeral below to the time shown on the clock:

ImageWhat about this for a final challenge?!!! Anyone know what time it is?! I am going to play this level with my class next week. I wonder how they will get on? Can’t wait to see their faces when I make the numbers disappear from the clock 🙂


Click here for a link to the Cambridge Primary Clock

Do you have any games that you would recommend? Send me an email, tweet or Facebook it. I would love to hear from you!

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


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