An Owl Themed Classroom

I have been busy planning and creating resources for my classroom. The start of the school year is only a few short weeks away! I have had a request from Denise to post a few pictures so here they are!

This will be an Owl themed Bulletin Board for outside my classroom:

My “Momma Owl” is almost finished. I need to locate my Twistables and add some details to her tummy to make it look nice and feathery. I also need to some pins to make her wings adjustable. I want to be able to pose her with some of her babies.

Cute or what?! I just fell in love with these as I was making them.

I have made 32 owl babies, one for each of my pupils. I will write a name on each owl before pinning them to a branch. When I re-decorate the noticeboard they may adorn coat cooks etc. I think that they are pretty cute. I have made them in lots of different colours. No two are the same, just like my pupils, all unique…

Here is the start of my owl family. I think that they will look super cute when the display is finished. I need to purchase lots of green card and paper to begin constructing my tree. Looks like another early morning trip to The Treasury is required. It’s so busy with parents buying books that I have to be there by 9am.

 Have you created anything for your classroom yet? Why not send me a photo if you have. I am sure that other teachers would love to have a peak and get some new ideas for September 😉

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


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