The Pig in the Pond

My class and I have been exploring water, water conservation and uses of water as part of our Green School Campaign. I thought that this Martin Waddell book was a great literature tie in.

When I asked my class if they had every heard of Martin Waddell there was a resounding “no”. Isn’t it strange how children never seem to notice authors?! When I showed them Owl Babies they all recognised the book. They were surprised to discover that Martin Waddell had written both!

Owl Babies is and absolute classic and worth including in your library if you do not already have it. Please click here for a link to Owl Babies at Book Depository.

The Pig in the Pond begins with the  fact that most pigs don’t swim. The heat of a hot summer day gets the better of the pig and he dives into the cool pond. This throws the entire farm and Nelligan himself into uproar!

The Pig in the Pond is laugh out load funny for little children. My class loved the poor ducks and geese being splashed out of the pond. The highlight had to be Nelligan stripping off and joining the pig in the pond for a cooling dip. My class howled with laughter every time…

Click here for a link to The Pig in the Pond at Book Depository. It is only 5.43 Euro.

Join me later this week when I will be posting some reader response activities that my class enjoyed.

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


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