Non-messy play for little learners- threading with pipe cleaners

This fun threading with pipe cleaners activity only cost me 1.99 and is tonnes of fun! It will also encourage hand-eye coordination, a pre-requisite to handwriting, and fosters creativity.

You will need to purchase a pack of Giant Chenille Pipe Cleaners (the super long ones). They are easily purchased in Art Supplies Shops, Teacher Supply Stores and supermarkets such as Tesco. I purchased mine in Freeman’s, Oylegate from their craft carousel.  A kitchen colander is the only other requirement.

I threaded the pipe cleaners diagonally across the colander before inverting it.

This activity has creativity at it’s core so your child can thread whatever way her or she wishes. A younger child might find it easier to just thread a pipe cleaner through just one hole.

Then I inverted the colander and continued threading more and more pipe cleaners.

The curls were made by wrapping the chenille around the handle.

I would suggest that you just let your child loose with your colander and pipe cleaners. Please do not be prescriptive! I have  only shown you some photos so you could see how much fun it could be! Show your child how to thread and let him or her at it!

You may need to hold the colander for young children.  There is also a great opportunity to develop oral language with colour words and positional words ( over, under, through, between, up, down, in, out).

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


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