School Note Template

As a teacher the amount of information given to me from 9.20-9.21 is unbelievable!!! Play dates, dental appointments, early collection, alternative carers…. It is so hard to remember it all when I eventually manage to sit down at my desk. It will probably be 11.00 at that stage and I should be on a lunch break.

I know that getting kids out to school in the morning and trying to beat the traffic can be challenging to say the least.

How about we meet 1/2 way on it?! Here is a free customisable School Note Template  template that you can just print out and keep on the kitchen noticeboard or in the car door ;). It will make life easier for both of us. LOL!

 Click here for a link

Thanks to http://www.mommypalooza.comfor this great School Note template.

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


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