Free Irish App for you iPhone & iPad from Cúla 4

I am sure that many, many of you out there have either an iPhone, iPad or both. I recently came across a fantastic app that helps young children learn basic Irish vocabulary in a fun, cute and clear way. A big thanks to Cúla 4 for embracing apps and bringing Irish to a very tech savvy bunch of children.   I really believe that we need to embrace IT for Irish to flourish and gain popularity among school children today. There are precious few resources available online. Have you ever tried “Googling”?!  I use Powerpoint, my Promethean Whiteboard and pre-school games with the sound turned down low! All of these keep lessons dynamic, fast moving and visual. There is no need to translate when children can clearly see what you are taking about! The Cúla 4 app is free!!! It covers the following topics: An Aimsir (weather), Aimnhithe ( animals), Dathanna ( colours), Ag taisteal ( travel), Baill Corp (body parts) and a drawing page to draw/scribble your own words.

Click here to visit the apps store online

How to download:

Click on  Apps Store. Select “Education”. Select “” Top Free”. Scroll down and click on 25 more and then scroll down and click on 25 more again! It is pretty far down the list for such an amazing app! You will recognise the Cúla 4 logo featured at the top of this page. Click then press install.   Bain trial as!!! Miss Mernagh 🙂


One thought on “Free Irish App for you iPhone & iPad from Cúla 4

  1. Cula4 says:

    Launched Culacaint2 recently with lots of new words. Also, Apps as Gaeilge for Olly an Veain Bheag Bhán & Ag Spraoi le Claude. Search ‘Cula4’ or ‘tg4’ in App store

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