iPad and iPhone apps

One of my absolute favourite educational game websites ,, now has lots of  fun and educational iPad and iPhone apps.

I have an iPad on my wish list and will be downloading lots of these.

Just look at the Junior Bingo that you can download for only 79 cent!

An absolute bargain for those of you of you with pre-schoolers or Junior Infants. It covers letters, numbers and shapes. Click here to download now. I am in love!

I am already a huge fan of their Sight Word Bingo which you can also download for an amazing 79cent also. This is suitable for children from Junior Infants to First or even Second Class. It is the best online bingo that I have ever found. This one has been tried and tested in my classroom and has always proven popular.

So, the next time your child begs you to borrow your iPad or iPhone why not open up one of these and make learning fun?

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


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