The Wonky Donkey

I just had to share this book with you! I purchased it last week thinking that a book about a donkey would be perfect for this time of year!  When I read The Wonky Donkey to my class they just dissolved into hysterics and BEGGED me to read it over and over and over again. In fact, five days on The Wonky Donkey is as popular as ever!  The stinky and hanky-panky parts are a little bit rude but hopefully shouldn’t offend!

Scholastic New New Zealand  summarised the book thus:

“In this very funny, cumulative song, each page tells us
something new about the donkey until we end up with a
spunky, hanky-panky, cranky, stinky dinky, lanky,                                                                                                           honky tonky, winky wonky donkey,                                                                                                                                                                                             which will have children in fits of laughter. “

I purchased my copy at Book Depository for only 3 Euro 58 cent. It is an absolute bargain! Click here for a direct preview link.  It would be a fantastic stocking filler and won’t break the bank.

The Wonky Donkey is also available as an iPad application. You can get a preview of it by clicking here and scrolling down. Click here to visit the iPad Store to purchase it.

Have any of you already read this book? I would love to know what others think. We thought that it was laugh-out loud good. The perfect tonic for the Post-Budget Blues!

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


5 thoughts on “The Wonky Donkey

  1. Tina says:

    I am from Australia and this is one of my favourite books…so funny and the kiddies just love singing and dancing to the song 🙂 Wonderful to hear that you and your class also enjoyed it 😀

    • missmernagh says:

      Hi Tina,
      I had honestly never heard of it before I bought it. What a well kept secret! Are his other books as funny? I visited and saw that Craig Smith has written other books too. Not sure if they are available here or not.
      I am going to download the Wonky Donkey from iTunes. My class will be beside themselves with excitement to hear the song!
      I have just downloaded your 10 Frame with reindeer. It’s adorable and just what I need for next week!
      Thanks for sharing and for visiting my site. I hope that you have found lots of nice things to share with your class.
      Merry Christmas,
      Miss Mernagh 🙂

  2. Tina says:

    Hi Miss Mernagh. I am so glad you can use my reindeer ten frames:)) I purchased Craig Smith’s ‘All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth’, last week. The book and illustrations are super cute, but the tune is not quite as catchy as The Wonky Donkey!! Hope your class has a lot of fun with the song…I can just picture the laughter!! ENJOY! Merry Christmas to you!

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