Word Detective & Phonics Printables sh/ee/oa/ai

I just thought that I would share with you the word detective sheet that I created for my class today. It was a big hit so I am sure that you might know someone who would love it too! I am always on the hunt for or creating phonics printables. I am sure that many of you are exactly the same so I am only too glad to share.

I always do my best to trial my phonics printables them at school before posting them. Generally, I create printables for my own classroom use and then share them with you guys afterwards 🙂

This Sound Detective Sheet is a great way to integrate maths and literacy. My class certainly enjoyed the challenge! Using different colours for each digraph also simplified the process and ensured that almost all children had a completely correct graph 🙂

I plan on using this sheet tomorrow as the revision part of my lesson. We have been practicing “encoding” or sounding out words on our whiteboard so this activity should be a nice extension of this. My class just love it when I use the big timer on our Interactive Whiteboard! I am sure that this printable will be a big hit. Hopefully they won’t spend their time glued to the timer rather than writing their words!!!

The final activity in this pack is a crossword which, I plan to use on Friday. I have checked it twice so I am pretty sure that is is correct 😉

I hope that you find these worksheets useful. Please click here to download all three sheets

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂

p.s The monkey clipart is by DJInkers.com and the rest are from MS Word

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