Magic Play-doh for a great school year

Recipe & poem for Magic Play-doh

I came across a great first day gift on Mrs Killburn’s Kiddos. It’s called Magic Play-doh. It was such a cute idea that I just had to do it. Thanks Mrs. Killburn!

Start by making a basic batch of play-doh using my recipie. Just omit the food colouring as you want it to be white. Click here for the recipe

Attach the following poem to a freezer bag. Click here for link.

Poke a tiny hole in your play-doh ball, add some food colouring and carefully seal the hole to keep the colour a secret. I prefer to use colour gels rather than liquids as you get a better colour. You can purchase them in most Homeware Stores. I purchased mine in Joyces.

Place your white play-doh in the zip-lock bag and present on the first day of school.

Tell your child to keep the magic play-doh in the bag while he/she squishes and scrunches it.

Look what happened to my magic play-doh ! Magic! It turned purple πŸ™‚

I can’t wait to see the reaction of my class on Wednesday morning!!! I hope that your child/class enjoys this too. Β It’s such a positive and affirming way to start the year.

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh πŸ™‚


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