Three for Thursday Linky Party

I am linking with Blog Hoppin’ today and am sharing my favourite on-line resources with all of you.

Favourite Fonts:

 Please click here for a link to Cuties Hand, Kindergarten and Pea Lacy Chunky fonts.  

         I just love Kevin & Amanda!      

Please click here for a link to DJ Chunky and DJ Bizzy

My Favourite Blog:

Now this is a really, really tricky question! I have decided to list one of the first blogs that I started to visit regularly. I think that this is the fairest way of doing it!

Please click here for a link

My Favourite Online Resource (s):

Please click here for a link.

I love using their free Word Shapes Generator, Cross Word Generator and Handwriting Sheet Generator. I just love it, love it, love it!

I really, really couldn’t function as a blogger with out my trusty friend, Picasa. Click here for a link if you are not already a convert!

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


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