The Starting School Survival Guide

For those of you with children starting school or creche “The Starting School Survival Guide” is essential reading. It is written by Sarah Ebner a well respected journalist and editor of The Times’ education blog School Gate. When Sarah entitled the book “everything you need to know when your child starts school” she wasn’t kidding.  There are chapters on:

  • Choosing-and applying for-a school
  • Preparing your child for school
  • The first day approaches
  • The first term
  • Navigating the school cliques for parents
  • Navigating the school cliques for children
  • Dealing with the school
  • Food at school
  • Time off school: illnesses and holidays
  • When your child may be the only one
  • Moving on to the next stage

Are you impressed? I was! It is full  no nonsense, clear advice from Sarah herself, Teachers, Principals and other parents. I took the book with me on a weekend away and sat in the hotel lobby just nodding in agreement.  It was a great read.

I think that this piece of advice will be timely for lots of you:

“Don’t hang around for longer that you need to, just because you are feeling a bit melancholy. It’s probably better for your child if you go sooner rather than later” (p.57).

Waiting around sends a message to your child that you are not comfortable leaving him/her in their new environment and  will trigger or compound any feelings of worry that your child might already have. Listen to Sarah’s advice; point out the toilets, reassure your child that you will be back later and that you trust the teacher to take good care of them, and leave.

This book is just the “blankie” that parents need to sooth their fears not just on the first day, but through out the school year. A good reference book to have on your shelf. You can purchase it for €14.50 on the Eason’s website or through Crimson Publishing for £10.99

Have any of you read it already? Is so, please leave a comment. I would love to hear what you think. Do you have a top tip to share with that you would like to share parents who read this blog?

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


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