Summer Reading Log

I was reminded of the importance of  encouraging your child to read during the Summer holidays by Bonnie at Thanks Bonnie!

It is so important that children see reading as being fun, enjoyable and natural, rather than something that you do at school. If you need some advice on how to help your child to choose an appropriately levelled book to read  click here :

I created some cute reading logs for you to use this Summer. I hope that you like them. I have created a colour and a black and white version of each. Have your child document the title of each book that is read. It may take more that one night to read a book but you only write it down once. No cheating! The goal is that your child would choose and  read 12 books.

Bonnie’s idea of a trip to the park or purchasing a new book as a reward is a great idea. It should only be a small something to mark success and not be the only motivation your child has to read. I am more familiar with giving out certificates as I would use reading logs in a classroom context.

click here to download a Fairy themed log

click here to download Monster themed log

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂

Clipart by DJInkers

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