Find that chunk!


I just thought that you might like these revision/consolidation sheet for the digraphs. I created them for use at the end of the school year. My class love searching through these sheets and using their highlighter pen to mark the digraphs they find. I sometimes include a word or two that does not contain any digraphs just to see if they are awake!

Sheet 1: (ch, ai, ow, th, sh, ng, oi, oa, ee)  Click here to download

Sheet 2: (ow,  th, ng, ur) Click here to download

I have listed the digraphs contained in the sheet at the top. I often tippex this out for an even greater challenge for my students. Now they have to figure it all out for themselves!

I find these type of sheets to be really, really useful for children who are struggling with phonics. It allows me to determine whether or not they can visually recognize the digraphs that we have covered. Then I know that the problem is remembering the sound that they make and not that they don’t recognize them. If their problem is auditory is a good self esteem boost for them to actually score well for recognising them.

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


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