Top tip for labeling baskets

I just love labels and storage containers! I hate attaching anything too permanent to my containers, though. I like to be able to re-use them from year to year for different task and don’t like having sticky marks left behind.

Baskets are especially  tricky to label as they do not have a smooth flat, continuous surface. Sellotape only works for a while.

The easiest and most durable solution requires:

  • paper punch
  • pipe cleaners
  • laminated sign
  • sheet of paper
  • pencil

Place your paper against the side of the basket. Using a pencil, place marks on the sheet to show where you will be attaching your pipe cleaners ( i.e  a gap). Punch those two holes with your puncher. You now have a template. Place this against your laminated label and punch. Attach your sign to your basket by inserting pipe cleaners and winding them around to secure. Bend the pipe cleaners back into the basket to hide the excess.

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


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