“Fruity labels” for daily class readers

Each morning I give my class 5 minutes of independent reading. We start by discussing possible strategies for tricky words ( stretchy snake, looking at the illustration…). Then each child takes a book from their team’s box. The book must be read twice and then it can be returned to the box and another one chosen.

We call it our 5-a-day. In the same way that eating 5 pieces of fruit/veg a day keeps us healthy, 5 minutes of reading makes us better and stronger readers. They just love it. I kid you not! Being able to pick their own books is a big hit. I select level appropriate books for each group every Monday.  It is just amazing how much of a difference that 5 minutes can make to reading fluency and in fostering an interest in books. It gets them talking about the books and asking each other what they should read next. It is just wonderful to see.

If you are not already doing this with your class or at home please, please give it a go! Head over to my post  https://missmernagh.com/2011/02/16/how-do-i-pick-a-book-that-my-child-can-read/ to learn about choosing a suitable level  book for your child to read. There is even a free bookmark for you to download and keep.

In keeping with the 5-a-day theme I created those “fruity” labels for my class groupings.  They would be really handy for younger children as the fruit is coloured coded and makes it easier for them to find their box.

Please click here to download labels

Apple Clipart by DJInkers

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


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