Digraph Recognition Worksheet (ow, th, ng, ur)

Just thought that some of you might like this worksheet to go with your Jolly Phonics Programme.  Ask your pupils to highlight or underline the digraphs in each word.  How many of them can they sound out and read?!

Clipart by DJInkers

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


One thought on “Digraph Recognition Worksheet (ow, th, ng, ur)

  1. Elaine McCabe says:

    Hi Cathriona,
    It was great to meet you last Sunday morning. I love to meet passionate teachers and you are obviously passionate about learning and children !! Can you send me an email address, not on the card, so that I can send you some details of our Clever Box Club schools packs and ideas. I will also send you some sample packs to try out. I would be very interested in your feedback.
    Hope to see you on Thursday night,
    kind regards,

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