a-e Bingo Boards

I have been preparing a unit for my class on the “a-e digraph”. It might be of use to those of you with 6-7 year olds, or even a little older.

Here’s the science!

A digraph is where two sounds come together as a unit and make a special sound, rather than their normal phonetic sound eg. sh = shop.

A split digraph has a letter in between , or splits the digraph eg. made (the “d” splits the digraph “ae”) or time (the “m” splits the digraph “ie”).

Before you get too confused, there are actually only 6 split digraphs in the English Language. Relieved?

  1. a-e (cake)
  2. e-e (scene)
  3. i-e (like)
  4. o-e (home)
  5. u-e (cube)
  6. y-e (type)

Here’s the rule!

When “e” is at the end of of word, it says not sound, but make vowels say their name rather than their sound. He’s got the power!

I made a bingo board game for  “a-e” words which you might like to play.

Here’s the game!

(Please click on the image below)

This download includes 14 Bingo Boards, a Caller Card and a blank Bingo Board for you to use.

Note: make sure that you have either your Gmail or Google Docs account open!

Have fun ,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


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