Battleships Ahoy!

A few weeks ago I made a Bingo Board for my students to take home. It was a revision exercise to ensure that they hadn’t forgotten all of last term’s work. Anyway, I got some really positive responses from parents. I have been wracking my brain all week for another easy take home game and then it hit me! Battleships! I have some old boards from but they didn’t suit the words we were revising.

I have created two different Battleship Games for download. The first corresponds to the reading scheme that my class follows. Anyone using Starways might like to use is as it covers half of the vocabulary for “Visiting”. The second one covers Dolch Pre-Primer words (I made 2 boards to cover all the words).  Instructions on how to play are also included in the download.

Just click on the picture to download.

Click on the picture to download.



Please let me know that you think.  I will make more Battleships games if people are interested.

Have fun,

Miss Mernagh 🙂


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