Free Online Spelling Games and Tests

I have had a few enquiries about interactive games to practice spellings. It can be tricky to find games that are suitable for Irish standards. Most games are pre-programmed to follow the spellings being taught in their country of origin.

I have found 2 websites that are just perfect and get the thumbs up from the kids that I work with ( and they are a tough audience, lol!). Both websites allow you to either learn your spellings or be tested on them. Programme in the words, pour a cup of tea and let the computer do the rest. Perfect! is probably my favourite, even though the voices sound a little robotic. My kids don’t seem to minds though. They are usually too focused on passing their online spelling test to win a free game token. It’s genius! You only get your game token if you score 100%. If you don’t get them all correct you are invited to take the test again so you can earn your game token. It is the game token that is all important here people ;).

From your perspective it is a great programme as you can type in up to 30 spellings for your child to learn, practice or be tested on. You can even take part in a Spelling Bee. What else can I say? It’s free, fun, easy to use and my kids love it!

Please click on the screenshot below if you want to visit the site.

Spelling City is my next favourite site. I had actually forgotten about it until I got a request from a little person today. It hadn’t been working for quite a while, you see. Anyway, this website is still fun though it doesn’t offer as many free games or functions. You can programme in your own spelling to learn or be tested on . The Hang Mouse Game is great fun to play. You are a mouse trying to steal some cheese from under the cat’s nose. You get a piece of cheese for each correct letter you guess. With each incorrect letter the cat wakes up a little more. Watch out, the cat’s about!

Please click on the screen shot below to visit the site.

What do you think of these websites? Please drop me a comment and let me know if your child likes them 🙂


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