Transferring Objects

Transferring Pom-poms 101

Transferring object activities were always popular with 2 1/2 to 3yr olds when I was working as a Montessori Teacher. They are ease and pretty cheap to organize at home so there are no excuses 😉

Why ?

This activity:

  • builds finger strength
  • develops a pincer grasp, necessary for holding a pencil
  • develops fine-motor control
  • develops hand-eye coordination
  • develops concentration

What to use:

I purchased the Neon Threading Pom-poms  in Freemans, Oylegate for only 1Euro 99 cent. The sparkly one are from the Early Learning Centre.

What I like about these packets is that they contain a variety of sizes, allowing for a progression in learning. You can use the largest ones to with small children. After practice you can swap these for a smaller size and continue until your child is transferring the smallest ones.


Using a pincer grip, transfer objects from one bowl to another. Then, return them to the bowl.

Progression of learning:

  • large pom-poms/ cotton wool balls and a pasta tong
  • small pom-poms/beads with a tweezers/strawberry huller

With just two packets look how many sizes you will have!


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