Advanced Transferring Activities

Ready for a new challenge 🙂

Once your child is ready for a new challenge try introducing ice-cube trays. This requires even greater precision.


To transfer objects to individual compartments in an ice-cube tray, using a pincer grip. Then, return the objects to the bowl.

Why ice-cube trays?

The advantage of using ice cube trays, is it requires more accurate co-ordination and a well developed pincer grasp to remove the objects ( it is much trickier to get the pom-poms out of the trays than it was to put them in!)


Experiment with different types of items. Pom poms are soft and squishy, making them easier to grasp. Beads are hard, which can make them more likely to drop!


  • medium sized pom-poms and a pasta tong
  • small pom-poms and a tweezers
  • beads and a tweezers

Look out for novelty ice-cube trays to make this activity more inviting. Check out the art and craft section of your local supermarket for other small and interesting objects to transfer.

Note: you might have noticed that I always use a tray from my Montessori materials. Trays offer a number of advantages:

  • materials can be left on trays for future use
  • materials that are dropped will generally stay on the tray. Your child will see how many they have dropped and try to drop less over time
  • balance and co-ordination is improved by carrying objects on trays.

Have fun 🙂


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