Concentration Game

Concentration is a great way to practice numbers, words, colours, or shapes.  The possibilities are endless.

I made this  “Shape Concentration Game” from a really cute note pad produced by Trend Enterprises Inc. They are available for purchase on

You can make your own by photocopying a shape ( eg. a cupcake) on to card and cutting it out.  (Note: it must be card as paper is too light and you can see through it 😉 ). I have laminated mine for extra durability.

I have uploaded some free printable for you to use, just click on the link: Free Printable Concentration Cards

How to make your concentration game:

Stick pairs of words/shapes on  the back of interesting cut-outs or notepads.

How to play alone:

Shuffle the cards and spread them out on the floor.

You many turn over two cards at a time.

  • If your cards do not match: turn them over again ( they should be in the exact same place as where you found them).

  • If your cards match: take them from the floor and keep them in a bundle.

The game is over when all the cards have been located and matched.

How to play together:

  • Alternate turning over cards.
  • The winner is the person with the most pairs at the end.


You could just laminate your cut-outs without adding anything to the back. This will give you blank shapes. You can then temporarily tape or blu-tack your words to the cards and change them for new ones as necessary. Cheeky!


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