Paint Bag Spelling

Paint Doodles

Another way to practice spelling and not a pencil in sight 🙂

Squirt a very small amount of  Poster Paint into a  large zip-lock bag.

Seal the bag making sure there is no air trapped inside. (You might want to use insulating or duct tape to make it tamper-resistant from tiny hands!)

Smoosh the paint around the bag and get writing with your fingertip or a cotton bud.

Rub the paint around to erase your doodles.

Easy peasy, eh?

This games keeps for a very long time if you use a good quality, sturdy bag.

Pretty simple, cheap and lots of fun:).

Note: Toddlers would just love to to draw and doodle with this.Tape it to a flat surface using masking tape to keep it in place. It would also be a fun way to learn to write your own name.



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