Alphabet Writing Card Review

Learn Together Alphabet Cards

I picked these up in Tesco this morning when doing my grocery shop. They only cost 3euro 30 cent.

They are dry-erase cards and wipe clean for re-use. ( You can buy another  whiteboard marker when the original dries out.)

What I really like about these cards is the fact that there is a dotted line to show you where to start writing lowercase letters.

All capital letters start at the top of a line, but most lowercase letters begin in the middle of a line.

You can also go on a “Letter Hunt” and look for letters in words. I went hunting for the Letter A and found lots of them in kangaroo 🙂

It is a fun way to train your child to look at words in very close detail.

You could keep a tally and find you the most frequently occurring letters in words. (Two for the price of one in this activity: phonics and maths, cheeky!)


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